Haigh sets the standard for export

29th Oct 2013

In light of the government's recent target to double the value of exports by 2020, the Ross Gazette takes a look at how local companies are playing their part.  Read the full story here.

Continued investment in efficiency sees energy savings increase tenfold

01st Oct 2013

Haigh delivers world class products to an ever growing portfolio of UK and international clients. As such, efficiency, reliability and sustainability are key, for both the products that clients receive and indeed, the process and equipment used to manufacture them.

A good clean air supply is a critical component of the manufacturing process, specifically for CNC and laser processing equipment and as part of a continual review of process, plant and systems, the need for a new compressor was identified. The existing system was becoming less reliable and forecast maintenance requirements pointed to the need for a new unit.

In line with this, an opportunity was taken to review needs and to do this in line with the environmental commitment that Haigh makes as part of the company ISO14001 accreditation.

Power consumption and air usage were logged over a period of 4 weeks, after which it was decided that an alternative system would yield greater benefits than a straight like for like replacement. 

A standard 'Stop / Go' compressor would provide a 3% energy saving, whilst a unit with variable output would provide air at the required volume for the variable demand the factory generated, resulting in a tenfold increase in energy savings.

David Brown, Manufacturing Manager says of the new technology "The compressor selected increased capacity by 30% allowing for future change but because the output is managed to demand, we believe the compressor will actually be 66% more energy efficient. This energy saving is achieved by matching the output of to the factory air consumption, in other words levelling out the peaks and troughs."

He continues "There was a higher capital cost but this will be paid back within 13 months, plus overall the compressor ROI was only 3 years. The new compressor is now installed. It is significantly quieter than the previous version, uses less energy to generate our compressed air needs and gives us valuable spare capacity for the future. This is a win for both the business and the environment."

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