Sustainable Engineering recognised with CIWEM Value Innovation Award for Storm Macipump

04th Feb 2013

The annual Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) innovation awards honour both projects and people that have made outstanding contributions to environmental management. Acting as a spotlight on innovation, the awards celebrate the significant contribution made to environmental initiatives by the supply chain. The Storm Upgrade from Haigh was selected as a finalist in the Value category.

For minimal cost, the Storm Upgrade addresses two key points that face a typical small inlet works. Over the last 5 years, Haigh have seen the negative effects that an increasing number of plastic and fibrous wipes cause through blockages. In addition to this, the increased peak solids loading that storm flushes can bring into a treatment works can be up to 25 times the normal dry weather flow. The innovative feature of the Storm Upgrade system ensures that the peak loadings brought about from these developments do not jam or block the system; in turn reducing downtime and call-out costs whilst creating improved working environment for site operators.

Alongside the Storm Upgrade, Haigh’s dedicated Service Exchange programme enabled in excess of 250 units to be deployed in the field within the first 12 months at no more cost to the customer than a typical call-out and unit replacement. The Service Exchange programme, in which units are swapped out, provides a target 24hr response, and feedback from Site operators to date has been very enthusiastic.

With stiff competition in all categories from product and system designers through to large contracting and consulting firms, the event was an extremely interesting showcase of recent developments through the AMP5 period. Successfully receiving the Value Innovation Award, Haigh came top of the category and were delighted to be recognised for their contribution towards a more sustainable industry and future.

For more information on the Storm upgrade and Service Exchange programme please visit For a copy of the report please contact the team at

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