Successful renewal of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations

26th Jul 2012

​Haigh are delighted to announce the successful renewal of their ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations. Having first achieved ISO 9001 accreditation some 20 years ago, the philosophy within the company has always been, and remains focused on, the provision of quality solutions backed by continuous improvement.

Assessed by SGS, Haigh Spokesperson David Brown comments “Quality accreditation is of the utmost importance to our business as it provides the reassurance and peace of mind that our customers, and wider stakeholders require. Our commitment to quality, sustainability and innovation underpin all that we do.”

Global Pump Group Pty Secures Exclusive 5 Year Contract With Haigh

23rd Jul 2012

​Australia based Global Pump Group Pty Ltd have secured a 5 year exclusive distribution deal with Haigh. Managing the whole of the Australian market, Global Pumps will have sole responsibility for the promotion and distribution of the Haigh Pipeliner series. Global Pumps is firmly established as a key supplier for a wide range of pumping equipment used by industry, mining, government and municipal authorities, mechanical services, civil engineers and contractors around Australia.

Having secured the agreement in December, Global Pumps are delighted to add Haigh Engineering’s well established range of Pipeliners to their portfolio for distribution. With successful installations already in Australia, the Pipeliner Series has a proven track record of reliable performance in a number of high profile reference sites.

Haigh’s David Freeman said “We are impressed at how enthusiastic, professional and effective the team at Global Pumps have been in understanding, promoting and assisting the local end users as to how Haigh solutions can add genuine value. We are looking forward to a long relationship. Expansion of our Pipeliner range throughout Australia is key to our current growth and future plans. With Pipeliner units regularly shipped around the world, finding the right long term partner in Australia has been of key strategic importance.”

A spokesperson for Global Pumps Environmental Division added, “The addition of the world-class Haigh Pipeliner to our product portfolio further enhances our ability to offer improved resource utilization in the demanding Water & Wastewater sector. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to bring the Pipeliner to the Australian market.”

Haigh drives environmental performance and efficiency

02nd Jul 2012

As part of an on-going environmental improvement process, Haigh Engineering has completed a 3 year programme of investing in more fuel efficient vehicles for their servicing, sales and delivery related activities. With a fleet comprising twenty vans and cars, this initiative has resulted in a 7% improvement in efficiency, with additional improvements also brought about by improved route and job-planning software.

Following a recent visit from SGS, the certification organisation, Haigh Engineering is pleased to have successfully renewed compliance to the Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001, with zero non-conformities. The company's aim is to ensure that Quality and Environmental credentials are not just boxes to be ticked, but along with a strong health and safety record, are at the fundamental core of running a solid business and delivering for their customers.

Haigh Engineering's David Brown comments "Modern vehicles and fuel efficient engines allow us to deliver this improvement without compromising any of the processes that our team need to undertake as part of their day to day activities. Vehicle emissions improvement is just one of the strands to our demonstrable environmental strategy.

The design of innovative energy and water efficient products is another channel through which we can bring direct benefits to our customers. We are committed to minimising the environmental impacts at every stage of our process - from production through to service through to products in situ."

Moving forward, the company has plans to further improve efficiencies in the area of logistics with a programme to reduce the average CO2 emissions from their car fleet. A target of 113 g/km has been set which will deliver increased environmental benefits and work towards the continued reduction of the company carbon footprint.

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