Storm Upgrade from Haigh solves the wipes problem

21st Sep 2011

​Its an unfortunate sign of the times that the UK sewer network is becoming loaded with more and more undisriable items. Of particular note is the trend over the last 5 years for face wipes and baby wipes to be flushed into the system, and when combined with the more prevalent storm loadings that the system experiences after these settle out during dry spells, this puts high loadings onto affected treatment works.

Haigh’s storm upgrade, a low cost innovative upgrade, provides a method of dealing with the impact of these peak loads without the need for otherwise increasing the capacity of a small works. Proven with over 100 implementations in the last 18 months across the UK, take up of this has far exceeded expectations, but given that it meets the key criteria of the industry in the challenging environment there are signs that this is becoming a staple solution for this application. Combined with concerted media efforts from water plcs to educate customers about the impact of flushing wipes, this all helps reduce the amount of operator intervention particularly on small remote sites.

Haigh’s David Freeman notes "This development was driven by the fact it was at the top of our clients maintenance needs, within our scope of expertise. We have undertaken a programme of planned and reactive implementations using the Storm kit with our key customers and are delighted to hear the many positive case studies and experiences that it has brought about "

Haigh has invested in a dedicated department and infrastructure to manage the increasing demand and meet the delivery timescales that we aim to offer our customers in a sustainable fashion. Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes but it is often the small changes that have the biggest effect from both a cost and environmental aspect,.“We applied a storm kit to one and it was clear after a matter of weeks that it was simply a matter of how soon we could have another three supplied”

If you would like to know more about the system, any of our other products and services, or to get in touch with the team on any matter please feel free to email or call us on 01989 763131.

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